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"I am so happy I included Leilani in the writing process of my book. What started out as 20,000 words of stream of consciousness quickly evolved into an actual book. Leilani helped me organize and flesh out each of the big ideas I wanted to write about and turned my jumbled thoughts into an actual manuscript. I loved working with her and will continue to work with her if I ever write a second book." 


Kuri Yasuno, ASD mom, inclusion advocate, author


"I recommend only those editors I’ve worked with and trust, and Leilani is on my short list.

Use her with confidence. You can’t go wrong."

Jerry B. Jenkins, author of 200 books, including the bestselling Left Behind series,

with sales of more than 71 million copies


"Leilani's magic is helping your words come alive. She has a strong but gentle hand that gracefully guided me through my creative journey and pushed me when I thought I would never finish my book. She's invaluable!"


Traci Mitchell, Emmy award-winning journalist and author

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"I had zero experience writing a book and no confidence when I submitted my first few chapters to Leilani. Leilani was extremely gentle in her critique and shared clear guidance that enabled me to express myself fully. I had a painful childhood story to tell that I dreaded writing, but I wrote it because of Leilani’s encouragement to push myself. Leilani is a word actress! It was as if she knew my thoughts because her subtle edits personified me completely. It was such a joy to work with Leilani, and if I ever become crazy enough to write another book, she will be my editor again!"

Markiesha E. Wilson, founder of Wilson-Chapman, executive coach, author

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"Trust is required when an author gives an editor permission to craft and manipulate their most precious creation. Leilani Squires is someone who has taken my unorganized thoughts and ideas and put them into a structured order that makes sense. The best compliment I can give her is this: everything I have given her has come back better then when she received it. Leilani has helped me become a better author and has guided me into creating a work that I am proud to call my own."

Zachary Garza, founder and podcast host of You Can Mentor

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"Leilani Squires, you invested countless hours in the text and brought logic, flow, and clarity to the ideas. You helped bring the stories of these hidden children to life and into the greater context of Prison Fellowship International’s goals. Your diligence and skill with words will never be forgotten."  

Frank Lofaro, former CEO of Prison Fellowship International

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"Leilani Squires is hard working and highly skilled in the craft of all things writing. Her dedication and commitment to completing projects with excellence makes her my first choice to work with and recommend."


PeggySue Wells, award-winning author of 29 books including The Ten Best Decisions A Single Mom Can Make 

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