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Professional Experience

Head Creative Writer for
Answers.TV/Answers in Genesis

Communications Coordinator at
Prison Fellowship International

Adjunct Professor at
Grace College & Seminary

Adjunct Professor at
Taylor University

Director of Content at
212 Media Studios

Marketing & Admissions Manager at
Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild


Writer & Administrative Assistant at
MasterWorks Festival

While Leilani has never been a morning person, she has always loved story.


Leilani has worked as a writer and editor since 2002. Her writing and editing experience includes book manuscripts of various genres, articles, screenplays, marketing copy, website content, writing courses, and more. She writes scripts and screenplays full-time as the Head Creative Writer for Answers in Genesis.

Leilani and her family live in Indiana. She enjoys going on adventures with her husband and two children, homeschooling and co-obsessing over whatever subjects interest her children, sipping copious amounts of coffee, critiquing/watching movies and TV shows, and spending time with family and friends... all while brewing on whatever story she's currently plotting.  

Regent University

Master of Arts in Communication & Screenwriting

Feature and TV Writing Tracks

Act One: Hollywood Writing Program


Taylor University

Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing

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